• Talk me out of buying a high milage e39 m5! I want one so bad.
    I know it is a bad decision but I figure if I treat it more like a restoration project than a off the shelf car I will be less disappointed.

    I was thinking of fixing this one up
    M stands for Money lost

  • i just want to say thanks to everyone who commented in my Matchup thread – i have conditional approval from the CFO pending straightening out some paperwork issues, auditing the pro forma P&Ls, blahdy blah

    but if the right opportunity presents itself, i will invoke the principle of it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission

    like a pal of mine just did, apparently, although all i could make out from what his very exercised CFO was shouting as i crept away from the door was something about "two seater" and "three kids" and "not entirely forthcoming" and crashing noises

  • I got one. Why is there so much bad taste among Datsun owners? Ridiculous box flares, stupid body kits, awful front and rear spoilers…

    The 510 and the 240Z are some of the best looking cars ever built. Most mods are subtraction by addition.

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