• For Midwestern guys & gals into Volvos (and Lincolns) …
    If you are within 3 hours of Battle Creek/Kalamazoo, Michigan I would recommend going to "VOLVOS AT THE GILMORE V" on Saturday 9-August. Linky for Gilmore Car Museum The Volvo Great Lakes Chapter always put together a 1st class gathering.

    I plan to drop by on my way from Detroit to Holland, Michigan although I will be driving my Audi 5000S Quattro and not the ES. That should give me some incentive to get my ES project moving next spring.

    • Rene,
      If you have the chance to take some pics of interesting Volvos that you find, shoot us a copy and we'll post em up as a reader-report or some to-be-named feature.

  • Wtf, Vince? You're actually deliberately trying to get my wife to leave me with this feature, I just know it. Every one the featured cars is just so…comely. As in: come hither, swing into my low (and I mean low) flat seat and wrap your fingers around my big, thin wheel while I caress your cribriform with that subtle yet intoxicating waft made up of oil (from the drips under the overdrive), gasoline (from the pinhole in the #2 fuel line), musty carpet (from every horizontal surface inside), a pinch of ozone (because that's what Lucas anything is best at generating) and a hint of the PO's BO (from countless hours sweating all over the floor trying to find that goddamn tach wire that MUST be shorting to the dash, dammit!). Each example can be had for really-expensive-weekend money and promises many hours of frustration and precious seconds of elation…until you finally just realize that you and the 1800 exist together in a type of master and servant relationship, where neither of you is really either but are alternately both. I would get them all if I could.

  • Ha, last night I started searching for a p1800. I don't have a link for one for sale but I did find an image of how I want to build mine.

    Here is an inspiring shot

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