• I think the answer is no, because bidding is stalling out around $25k. The builder of this car could have easily dropped $40k into it (if he paid someone else for the assembly) and will probably not recoup his investment…but I think it is going to fail reserve and bounce around eBay for a few months.

  • Need more "previous owners money" invested in an unfinished project like this POM QUEEN

    Already has a Heidts front end, 8 inch rear end, rebuilt engine & rebuilt transmission. I think the whole turquoise thing does not work on this car but it would be easy to improve on from where it sits.

  • Give credit for the "small stuff" in your build budget. Lots of fittings, electrical, and booze (or therapy if you have the money). It always adds up more than you'd think.

  • Your estimates are way, WAY, too low. For $5K all you're going to get is a rusted hulk that will bleed you dry. Start with a nice sprint for $20K (there's one on ebay now) and save yourself 2 years of headaches.

  • My earlier comment got eaten by the spam eater because there were two links in it , but for he same money I'd go with the real thing as shown here m.ebay.com/itm/281573925544

  • I'm with EvDeath on this one. You've been hanging around LeMons racers too much. Not to mention the time. Giant buckets of time.

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