• Just thinking about keeping a 6 cylinder Jag running, gives me nightmares doing a 12 cyl synchronizing those carbs!

  • I would keep mad max style and just run it. I just read the original ad…. I'm sure the carbs just need a little cleaning.. ha ha ha

  • Ad claims "replica on V12 Jag XJS frame/running gear" but I think you're totally right. Those look like XJS doors and windshield, so, yeah, weird XLS hackjob.

    • The closer you look at this, the worse it becomes. (but I can't look away) I think you're entirely correct, it looks like someone took a sawzall to an XJS leaving the windscreen, front doors and just enough of that portion rear of the doors to try to bond the replicobra on to. Keeping with the true trailer-park ambiance, we are once again treated to Home Depot's cold air return vents to provide addition heat scavenging from the the engine bay.
      As the body of the XJS is wider, just flare those front fender lips until they clear the wheels.

  • None of the carburetors have air filters, but there's a big air filter over the middle of the engine. Seems a fair trade…

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