• This is a beautiful example. The manual is really compelling. There is still the impression of the sublime Bavaria.

    This would have to be a 3rd or 4th car. Some nice road trips, local cars&coffee.

    Try driving this as if it were your Accord and all the "stuff" might not be working for long as you'd like.

    The last dozen years or so I had been using older cars as daily drivers. I enjoyed them much more than the NASA capsules we are ensconced in today, but cars needed an amazing amount of fiddling.

    They are robust, and back in the day when a "whatever" part went, you sucked it up and kept going. Now, many parts can put it out of action despite the internet. Try buying outer tie rod boots for a 75' Volvo 245. The listings, no matter the source, are standardized and every source said they had the boot. None did. They had from 76-94. Just one example. Just saying that even if you do your own wrenching, does not mean you'll have anything to replace what's broken.

    I am sorry for writing so much, but I needed to tell myself to get this car out of my mind. Now. Manchester is only 4.5 hrs from NYC.

    • Agreed. Having something this vintage around as a daily-driver means you've got to have something ELSE around to drive while you figure out where to get the thing that broke last Friday. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not.

      These are not common junkyard hardware any longer; if your parts store is the U-pull-it yard then you're better off with an E32 or an E34 or even an E39. And, frankly, the money he's asking will put you in a nice E39. So you've got to really WANT an E23.

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