• After having my '71 TR6's ass caved in by an inattentive moron at a stoplight, I'm now a BIG fan of 5 mph bumpers. If I'd had a later TR6 with the stout "rubber baby bumpers" on it I'd probably have had nothing more than stern words for the guy that hit me. As it is, it was totaled.

    Re. this V6 assemblage: bravo! Nicely done.

  • FWIW the included map in the C/L ad shows this car to be on the MO/IL line south of St. Louis and not exactly anywhere near KC/KS.

  • Did the 'B' have the crazy upper arm/shock-absorber combo as the Midget did?
    Once sheared a shock right off the frame, cutting the brake line, and enabling my first near-death experience.

  • Had a neighbor who bought one of these new back in the day. After having ridden in it and watched him wrench under the hood on an almost weekly basis, I can say that basically any engine swap was a good move in this machine, and the sooner the better.

    My only question is, who strokes a Chevy v-6?

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