• Indeed, Tom. It's about 3 hours from me and I can find a reason to go to Tampa.

    Someone tell me if that's a factory color, please??

  • Factory or no, that color works surprisingly well on this one, though it does look like there's overspray around the hood catch, and the '70s striping is pretty sweet.

    Didn't the '74 get the giant hey-my-eyes-are-up-here-buddy overriders, or the rubber bumpers? Also looks like it's missing a backup light lens and the front valance seems tweaked.

  • I really like the colour combo with that interior and the fixed roof version is much better up north for 3-season use. Priced right and a few things to fix, too bad I can't go and see it.
    It would make a nice addition to my garage, George in the great white north!

  • I think the plastic bumper thing was a half year thing in 74. The color looks better every time I look at it. I think the factory tinted windows help the color a little.

  • Agreed- this is a nice looking B-GT. Good price point if there is no rot, or if rot was repaired correctly. Having owned several, they are actually nice hwy cars, especially since the fragrance of old Brit. leather mixes so luciously with the piquant essence of mildew. Seriously, that fragrance of an old British car can't be replicated. It might be heresy, but I would continue to pick the GT over the drop top. For a conv. I would choose a TR6 or a sweetly modded 124 Spider.

  • I talked with the seller; a cool guy, car dude through and through. That red bus in the first CL pic necessitates making room in the garage so… BGT was originally pale yellow but apparently this blue (Mexico-like??) was available from the factory. Sounds like it's in fantastic shape so…I'm going to see it middle of next week. I'll be bringing the trailer so I'll keep y'all posted.

    • Good luck with the purchase Doc! If that little B's as good as it seems, I'd say it would be very well bought. Original color or not, I can't see how one could lose on this one:buy it, enjoy for a few years, then sell it on for at least what you paid, if not more. Love the color combo; it's what prompted me to pass on the tip, otherwise, I'd have skipped on by it as a "Meh, just another B-GT."

    • FuelTruck, time to collect your finder's fee! 🙂

      Congrats to Doctordel on the purchase. I've owned a '67 MGB roadster for over 19 years now and I must say that the joy of owning and driving one has not worn off. I wish I had more time to drive it. It's not a fast car even by "vintage" standards and not the most comfortable for a tall (6'3") person like me, but the car makes up for its weaknesses by being a blast to drive on backroads. The sweet spot for these is really in the 35-55 mph range on a twisty two-lane road. Plus it's been very reliable, durable, and mostly trouble-free the whole time. Parts availability and owner/mechanic/club support is very strong. There's always someone around who has one or used to.

      I do agree with Tom McGuire above in thinking that the GT is the way to go. I bought the roadster as my first car and I was young, excited, and didn't really know better (probably still don't). I used the car as my daily driver for years, but it would have been easier to live with a GT. The taller windshield for visibility, the increased headroom, rigidity, carrying space, security when parked, etc. all are significant factors. Plus it looks good with that rear hatch. I mainly keep the soft top up all year, even in good weather because the early top mechanism is a serious pain in the ass to manipulate, especially if no one is there to help. It's not like the one-handed throw in a Miata at all. I even bought a factory hardtop for it, but again, it's a two-person job and it takes up a lot of space when not in use. I've considered selling or trading my car for a GT of the same year, but haven't been able to part with it. I'd probably buy a GT and end up keeping both.

      Around the time I bought mine, I found a '69 MGC GT (6 cyl.) in BRG over black with a Webasto sliding sunroof. Awesome, but it was an automatic. In hindsight though, if I had bought that car, I'd still own and daily drive it and probably wouldn't have purchased some of the other (sometimes dumb) cars I did since. That C GT was a rare find. Oh well.

    • Congrats Doc! Does this make the 2nd or 3rd shooting brake you've procured via DT?

      We are most certainly expecting pics, updates, hooning videos, et cetera.

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