• Sixteen hundred smackers will get you a Sixteen Candles look for Radwood

    [image src=" qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-f69d6b2c23bc5dfece3989c2ecee3deb.webp" width="400px"/]

  • I've seen these things all over craigslist for the last decade plus. Never been foolish enough to pull the trigger. Anybody here ever done so and how bad an idea was it? I'm about to gift my son my NA Miata and have started looking for a suitable replacement.

    • I have driven a few and they are a ton of fun. There is a decent community around them and a spec race series so parts aren't that difficult to obtain. LS fits really well and is a total blast to drive in these. Stock they aren't that fast, but coming from a Miata it will feel quicker.

    • Years ago (when I was driving my 944), I had clients who owned both a 944 and a newish MIata (they'd just come out a few years earlier).

      They loved both cars, but favored the Miata for most everything. It felt quicker, and handling was more fun (more "tossable"). The 944 sat in the garage.

      They liked the 944 for longer road trips. But the Miata was their first choice for everything else.

      -Stan (…yeah…*that* Stan…)

    • The wheels look like stock/correct Porsche "cookie cutters".

      This car is probably a good buy as long as you don't let yourself get carried away. Try the easy fixes to get it running and then just drive it until it breaks. Depending on how badly it breaks, either repeat the easy fix approach or cut and run away. There are no shots of the interior though. But it's a nice static garage display piece for $1,600 as-is.

  • We bought one of these for my son 4 months ago. Fun as heck, slow, and built like a tank. Great first car for wrenching experience and my son gets thumbs up everywhere he goes. Ours had over $5k in receipts in the past 16 months so that factored into our decision.

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