• Other than the hole in the hood this is very appealing.
    Figure out how to get the air-cleaner to fit under a stock hood or better yet source a fiberglass MGC bonnet.

    That 3.4 v6 is an 60 degree engine , not one of those odd fire 3/4 of a V8 things right ?

  • As someone who has never played with GM engines, what would it take to get a supercharged 3800 in there instead?

  • The Chevy 2.8, 3.1 and 3.4 are narrow 60 degree v6s of the same family. Very popular with vintage British crowd as well as some old Volvos like the PV544, 122s Amazon and 140 family because of their narrow suspension and crossmember etc. The wider 90 degree engines like the 3.8 and 4.3 V6 just won't clear without major surgery. BTW, the German "Cologne" Ford v6s like the 2.8 and later 2.9 in Rangers and Bronco IIs are 60 degree Vs as well. Just not as plentiful or available with a low tech carb set up

  • I was giving a guy with a Jeep a jumpstart the other day and he had one of those Pentastar V6 engines and my first though was how tiny it looked and my second thought was that they get 300 hp out of it. A lot of places that it would fit, and I hear they are really light weight.

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