• I am no expert, but that roof not going down issue probably involves taking a lot of stuff apart to get to the issue. I wonder if there is a way to convert it to Miata style do it your self up and down operation?

  • Even with the convertible top issue this seems to be a pretty good deal. "Truth is that you can buy a 911 for less than the price of a used Hyundai." I take issue with this, even if you do the labor yourself, tools and parts will eat you alive on this car compared to the much newer used Hyundai.

  • I love my 996! Can confirm that nothing is cheap. Get one with at least SOME service records. I would try to get one without aftermarket stereos because they can cause endless parasitic draw problems. Ask me how I know.

    • Rod speaks the truth. At least one problem is the stinking anti theft system. The stock stereo has a wire going into the DS of the chassis that, if not plugged in, won’t allow the radio to keep its presets or any other memory settings. This is also the case for a some aftermarket stereos but this wire also tells the alarm that the stereo is still in place. When I took out the utter POS Becker and replaced with an approved Alpine, leaving that wire plugged in to the new head unit did two things: drained the battery and tripped the alarm about two minutes AFTER you locked the car and had walked away. Yeah, very frustrating.

  • Ah yes… Porsche ownership.

    Loved me my Porch.

    Back in the late 80s, my wipers stopped working.

    An easy fix, you say?

    Yup. Just needed a new motor.

    Except that a new Porsche windshield wiper motor (the size of a cane of Coke) costs as much as a brand new Japanese small block.

    While the small block would have made an *awesome* windshield wiper, it woulda made it hard to see out the windshield.

    So I opted for a used OEM motor ($300)…Which was probably taken out of a VW bus.

    -Stan (yeah, *that* Stan…)

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