• Probably stating the obvious, but the IMS bearing that the seller has no knowledge of is the real elephant in the room. His statement about the high miles absolving it from any failure risk is total BS.

    While you're in there, you might as well do the rear main seal and clutch, and at that point you just spent $5k on an $11k car to make it a $15k car.

    With that said, these cars will have their day eventually also—-there's no way they can stay this cheap forever.

    • Depends on what you do…..if you just slap those parts on, then yeah…..most of the reputable IMS retrofit sellers recommend that things be "just so" when you perform the swap, and it can add up. Anywhere from 3-5 is probably a safe guess.

  • Nah. Oil feed IMS, clutch and RMS all for about $3k here in SoFla last year. These really are fun. And FTB is spot-on in his prognostications.

  • I agree won day soon these will take off for more green $$$$ then it will be too late to jump on that train rather have this over a 356 crazy car hobby

  • I just picked one up for close to this price with 50k less miles. Granted it's a cab, but still. Also the dual row IMS helps me sleep at night (*knocks heavily on wood*).

  • Yes, 1999 model has dual row IMSB with roughly a 1% failure rate. Overall the IMSB issue is overblown, mostly by armchair haters who don't know the details. Assuming a thorough ppi from qualified shop with no major issues, this is a bargain.

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