• I remember a lady friend once looked at a TT driving by.

    I asked her what she thought of the styling.

    "It looks like a squashed Bug", she said.

    Given its VW underpinnings, I thought her analogy quite witty.

    (Well, and I kinda liked her, so…)

    -Stan (the now-married-and-the-bug-lady's-a distant-memory Stan)

  • I thought these looked better before they added the spoiler, but apparently the Germans thought the rear end lifting contributed to unsightly wrecks on the autobahn. I guess unspoiled styling isn't as important as scenery unspoiled by wrecks, but you would think they could have figured out the aerodynamics before they went into production.

    • Agreed about the spoiling spoiler. I wonder if it can be easily, and cheaply, removed. I doubt they're as necessary here in a land where drivers can't legally go for v-max on public roads.

  • As a 2001 TT (225HP) owner and former VW/Audi/Porsche salesman I'm pleasantly surprised by my TTs' above average reliablity. Besides sheduled timing belt/water pump change at 60Kmi and 15 years of age I changed bad starter, failed coils and MAF sensor. That's it, still has original brakes at 62Kmi and I'm not easy on the brakes.
    Won a couple of SCCA Regionals with 16V GTI and still have VR6 one so I'm not easy on my VW/Audis and would encourage people on the fence to give 'em a try. Just try to keep up with the maintenance.

  • I had an '04 TT Roadster with the 225hp V6 and auto/paddle shift tranny and loved it. I had it at first, then it went to my ex-brother in law and both us whipped the snot out of it where it continued to run flawlessly for almost three years of flogging… until my brother-in-law put it in the ditch. I also remember some immature drag racing in the wet where this car with AWD and traction control seriously embarrassed some much faster rides. Good times.

  • I Have an 02 convertible. It likes to eat CCM's and its latest one was of Bulgarian flavor. I had to waterproof it for it to survive. Love the car almost as much as my old Saab 900 turbo. Weird styling is my thing.

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