• OK, I'll jump right in, even before my good buddy Anonymous asks!

    Having lived with a 1981 Escort for nine long years (from NEW! One of my weaker moments….) I think this is an EXCELLENT use of such a hulk. Every bit as worthy as a Geo Metro.

    So you see, I am green-ish, OK?

    (but that 40 mile range would be anxiety-generating, in my books. Better to buy the Renault from yesterday)

  • With all of the interest(?) around here the past few days in 80s-era Fords as well as electric conversions, I present to you the best (worst) of both worlds:
    1987 Ford Tempo Solar Car Corp Electric Car
    Only DT would cause me to jump on CL looking for Ford Tempos. What is wrong with me?

    • Whoa, Anonymous, that's actually a pretty cool find. Better than the POS '81 Escort DT found. :p

      As a side note — DT, you really missed an opportunity with this '81 Escort "Jet Electra." If you had posted it Monday as a "What am I?" feature with a closely cropped pic that only showed "ERED" + the fuel filler/plug in port, you could have aggravated all of us for days and days.

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