• Looks like a car guy. Needs $$$ to fix up his… 280Z? (guessing from the pix)

    Nice classic in the background on the one pic. Is that an air cooled Porsche I see up in the air?

    Help me out here… my eyes ain't what they used to be…

    • Stan I think whatever is up in the air is a 4 door… but what do you think the white/grey primered car is in the picture of the rear view of the Corvair? I think I see two headlights on one side so I was thinking 1960 Vette but don't see scallops into the door and is that the glare off a single windscreen or off the steering wheel? Any ideas?

  • I like the car as is. Don't need no shiny paint for me… It is a bit odd that the seller shows his other wrecked car giving it as the reason he needs to sell the Corvair. The 180 hp and manual trans would be fun to drive..

  • I want to see one of these raced against a Yenko version and the Judson supercharged one featured a couple of weeks ago. At the strip and on a track.

    • Every generation of 'vair has its weaknesses, if you want '60s as the baseline then the '65+ Yenko will kick everyone's ass 'cause earlier cars have swing-axle jacking and the turbos have TONS of lag and the 140HP four-carb setup does much better in the real world.

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