• I test drove one of these when I was down in West Palm in the late 90's. The car I drove was banana yellow. About a mile away, the clutch decided to stop working. I pushed the car into a church parking lot in Riviera Beach, FL. The area was not that nice, but they were nice enough to let me call Mosler cars to come get me. There is a great podcast on Grassroots Motorsport with Warren Mosler that gives some interesting insight into the auto media. grassrootsmotorsports.com/articles/podcast-episode-38-warren-mosler-consulier-cars/

    • That is pretty rad you were able to drive one of these. Mosler was a hell of an engineer. I remember a twin northstar Cadillac he did in the 1990s as well. I think his ideas were good he just needed to hire some talented designers. His style palette was pretty bad.

    • Riviera is not quite the crown jewel in south florida's tiara, but it's close to some nice driving on Singer Island.

      The GTP influence on these is unmistakable, let down by the necessarily upright windshield, sort of like today's DP racers. Didn't Consulier make other fiberglass products?? I seem to remember seeing an ad for their mobile lifeguard towers back in the 90s…

    • A guy test drove the car right before me. I believe he must have bludgeoned the car within a inch of it's life. The clutch and shifter were not all the precise or smooth, but then again that could be normal for that trans. It was what I picture a modern day Elise being like with weirder bodywork.

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