• Here we go
      Had some fun in this car. My friends use to lay in the back area to get to parties. My mods were tornado mirrors, rally euro double wiper blades and MTX subwoofers.
      Ultimately traded it in HS for a 1970 SS396 Chevelle with a rock crusher and 4:11. Pretty good trade.

    • Thanks Sean!

      My son has been sitting in the car after school for the past two days. He has been searching for the next find online. He has definitely got the nostalgic car fever as well.

  • Dennis,

    I gave the tip for this one, and I'm so happy it's going to a guy like you. I didn't think it would get the no rain/snow treatment from the previous owner, so I'm glad to see it back safely indoors. I would have pounced on this but I just got my miata and my first child, so my hands are already full. Enjoy the revs!

    Mark W

  • I was a salesman at Vachon Mazda when these were new.Our dealership received 4 of them and I sold the last one.Road and Track magazine had just finished an extended road test of the RX7.After 50k miles they decided to keep on going,blowing the reliability concerns of the rotary out the window.At the end of the test one of the editors bought the car.

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