• Don't do it! I had one back in the mid 90's and damn if it wasn't the biggest POS I've ever had the pleasure of owning, I would have been better off literally flushing the money I used to buy it down the toilet.

  • Does anyone ever actually buy these when they go up for sale?
    I think Anthony Weiner has a better reputation that the BiTurbo

  • I don't get the appeal of these things. They're not exactly the high point of Italian styling even at DT prices, weren't spectacularly fast by 1980s standards, and I'm pretty sure no preteen boys of the era had posters of a Maseratti Biturbo in place of one of a Lambo or Ferrari. Do people buy them as a mechanic status symbol, in the hopes they can make the statement, "I alone have kept this car running, where countless others have failed!"

    • Watched the video, I think you've found the only "BiTurbo" that won't break down after driving around the block.

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