• Certain years of 2002 have a gear shift lever that is mounted over a rubber inner section. If say a person borrowed his roommates 2002 and did violent 1st to 2nd shifts while racing a Nova in 1984 the metal would come off the rubber and feel broken. It could be forced back onto the rubber section. Then the roommate wouldnt loan out the 2002 any more. (hypothetically)
    So maybe that is all that is wrong with this car…

  • Hmmm…. my '72 02 was Baikal Blue, one of my favorite ole beemer colors. This sort of looks like the color. Lots of little things stand out. The condition of the dash and the water damage on the headliner coupled with the neglected/damaged center console, the absence of the original aircleaner box says to me that the car has been neglected in the past and maybe rescued/flipped by this seller….maybe repainted?. Who wouldnt go to the trouble to reattach the shifter before selling it? Makes no sense………….especially when you want 8 grand for a car that looks like somebody beat the bejesus ut of it before the repaint…I'm guessing if this shark took a bite he might get more than he bargained for.

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