• If this thing has back seats instead of subwoofers in a fiberglass enclosure I will be very disappointed.

    See a better Whip to drive "dancers" to private events in?

    • Can definitely see dancers riding in it from the topless club, but "entertainers" from the 24 hr. all nude joint (behind the liquor store) ride in this…

      [image src=" i2.wp.com/ jenx67.com/wp-content/uploads/blogger/-To8WoHBLpxI/T9_dbZCTU5I/AAAAAAAAMFA/ERPOS0IVroo/s1600/Waffle%2BHouse%2BDonk%2BCar%2B3.jpg" width="400px"/]

  • The red on the dash and doors seem a little garish to me but should be able to be easily replaced.
    Bobinott, the Flex didn't come onto the scene till 2009 and I guess Funkmaster couldn't wait.. 😎 Flex is his last name.
    Sean Scott, I was surprised to see third row seats. The giant woofers must have been pulled by the P.O. lol

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