• Negatives with this guy for me are:

    the auto trans takes away some of the fun. They aren’t terrible. Too much work to change the tunnel and mounts for a manual.

    The need for an alignment might mean there are other issues. Some suspension parts for these are getting scarce.

    New floors are work, but are available and not to tough to do on these.

    No pictures or info of the motor.

    Nice price with lots of parts. This color combination is one of my favorites. Easy cars to work on. Even with the auto these are entertaining. Seats look as though a shop could stitch them up. Great choice for someone starting out.

  • These cars are attractive and charming and I REALLY REALLY liked them and thought i wanted one until i finally drove one and it just wasn't what i thought it would be. I was looking for a weekend cruiser for spirited drives and it was such a letdown when i got behind the wheel of a 122. I thought it drove like a 50s car and stopped worse than I could have ever anticipated. I was still tempted because it oozed style and was in great shape but I just couldn't knowing there are more engaging cars out there from that era. Maybe my experience isn't the norm I would love to hear if thats the case.

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