• Normally you would narrow down where a city is by including the state or province. Thornhill is located in the province of Ontario. It is right on the boarder of the city of Toronto. You may be familiar with its sports teams. Maple Leafs hockey, Raptors basketball and Blue Jays baseball.
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    • Oh boy. Yeah. I was lazy last night. Too much Turkey and Wild Turkey. Deadly combo!! I could have easily searched to see which Province (Canadian for State) that it was located in…but I didn't. Thank you Rock On!!!

    • I complain about the same thing with CraigsList in the US. When I pull up an ad, there often is no indication even of the State that it is in (I especially enjoy "Inland Empire"). But I do find that DT usually does a good job of narrowing things down for me. I will accept the "Turkey Overdose" defense. Please pass the gravy….

  • Oh, and back on topic: lovely clear Peugeot 505. Very comfortable cars, whose look has aged well. I would trade the V-6 for a four-banger with a 5-speed, but I am sure this car is a treat for highway and windy backroad use. Amazingly rust free….

  • I lived in Thornhill for over 20 years. If you saw how much salt that they dump on the roads you would be even more impressed how rust free this car is. I've had a few cars that were barely 7 years old that I had to scrap due to rust.
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