• I’ve never seen one of these without the signal lights on the front fenders just in front of the windshield.
    We had one that we drove for a hundred thousand miles or so, then we took the trunk lid off and used as a pickup. Turns out that cow manure makes them rust in really unexpected places, like inside the dashboard and the A pillars. The car was still running fine after 30 years but the body disintegrated and we buried it when we filled in an irrigation sump.

    Great car though.

  • I had a '67 200 back in the day…sure have climbed in (inflated) dollars. The car ended up in Fort Collins Colorado. I hope its still running.

    • Not sure if this one is worth the asking price…but used classics from the 60s aren't rolling off production lines anymore…so the good ones are fetching big bucks from the now retired Boomers and wealthy GenXers and Millennials who want to look rich.

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