• Wait. Was this the rare Landaulet Mustang, where vinyl wood siding and opera windows were options?

    This was back when Ford was developing their super-secret Sport Utility Vehicle based on the Mustang platform.

    They were going to call it the Clydesdale…

    -Stan (who drives both Mustangs and Ford SUVs… but not at the same time…)

  • Ojai – where I live. Pronounced Oh Hi! and people get vanity plates like I'MSOJAI
    Also a place where fancy city slickers will come to visit and stay in an Airstream for $400 a night.

  • Having been a big fan of the lesser Foxes (Fairmonts) back in the day, I always lusted after a Mustang 5.0. Then last summer I finally had a chance to experience a good mid-80s 5.0 with the 5-speed. I was disappointed to find it felt crude. I guess Paul Simon had it right in Kodachrome:

    "If you took all the girls I knew when I was single,
    and brought them all together for one night
    I know they'd never match my sweet imagination
    everything looks worse in black and white"

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