• Very pretty, but I think I would almost prefer it 'unpuffed'. Those types of systems always seem to be a bit of a headache if you weren't the original installer and aren't intimately familiar with its needs.

  • I love E30s but 14k for a 318is…that's way steep even in this condition. These things have caught fire in asking price over the last 3-4 years for sure. When I was toy shopping 5-6 years ago I was about 20min too slow to pick up a basket case for $600.

  • Well,,,,I had an '87 325IS…and traded it (!) in Jan 1995 for a brand new E36 convertible. Still driving it at 343,000 miles. Dont ask me why. Involved another voice telling me she wanted a convertible. Don't know what the seller is referring to as far as one year only…maybe the 4 cylinder? In any event, its expensive and you're dealing with someone else's mods…and you know how that tends to go.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it DowNing Atlanta???

    If so, they were actually an extremely well regarded tuner with a reliable kit for these cars. Lots of people put their superchargers on the 318ti's as well.

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