1. Unknown
    April 24, 2016 @ 11:39 pm

    My wife gave me one of these for christmas. Havent done any wrenching and i havent tried it on a construction site yet. I do tend to hold screws in my teeth a lot so maybe ill try it

  2. Anonymous
    April 25, 2016 @ 12:20 am

    I know those harbor freight screwdrivers from anywhere. How many free kits do you have? I have two so far, I usually get the flashlights instead, but I like having two sets, one in the house and one in the garage.

    • DailyTurismo
      April 25, 2016 @ 6:02 am

      I've been collecting the screwdriver sets and I give them to people who don't have a drawer full of screw drivers (these people also seem to THINK you don't need a drawer full of screw drivers…). I'm also a big fan of the free multimeters.

  3. Bobinott
    April 25, 2016 @ 5:11 pm

    "…second only to walk-in barracuda storage tanks" – I have said it before, and I will say it again, you crack me up, DT!

  4. Hunter
    April 26, 2016 @ 12:35 pm

    I had to get rid of my walk-in barracuda tank. I got tired of cleaning up the spillage every time I opened the door.

  5. Unknown
    May 1, 2016 @ 7:43 pm

    This seems like an ideal way to accidentally scratch your car fender, and erase your credit cards at the same time.

  6. Matias
    May 25, 2017 @ 9:03 pm

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