• Nice clean example. My first thought was that there must be better looking bumper conversions available. There are, including UK spec bumpers, and even some body-coloured options. However, in my searching, I cam across this interesting page, which suggests that, at least for the convertibles, the massive front bumper does a lot more than just protect from low speed collision damage.

    Expert says TR7 front bumper is a harmonic damper

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  • My father in law owned FIVE Triumph TR-7's… Why? Well, cos one was for driving, and the other four were for parts, of course! He offered to give all of them to me, free, but after researching the TR-7 (and finding that NO ONE in the Triumph club would talk with me!) I decided against having an unreliable, ugly and relatively worthless old British sports car. See, that is the curse of the TR-7: it is unloved by ALL Triumph and British sports car guys.

    • What I've found in my very recent research is that there are TR7 guys out there, but they mostly use the cars as parts donors for TR8s. There seems to be a growing contingent of TR8 people. But their Venn diagram bubble does not overlap with that of all other Triumph enthusiasts.

    • That doesn't surprise me that they attract different enthusiasts; a TR8 ends up being more of a Shetland pony car. Of course, you could also grab a damaged Land Rover and transplant the engine into the TR7, rather than using it as a parts car for a TR8.

    • It's a weird bird for sure. Like Sean's cartoon buddy up there^! I've had my eye on a late Rover 4.6 as a swap candidate for our old silver '80 TR7; the problem is CA emissions compliance would be next to impossible without tomfoolery. The stock Rover 3.5 in the TR8 made some depressing Malaise amount of horsepower like 130, but by the end of the line for that '62 Buick engine, the 4.6 was making 222, which would be pretty fun in this little car.

  • My favorite part is “The previous owner spent more than $8,000 on parts and labor.” More than 16 years ago. In today’s dollars, that’s $11,200 worth of parts that are overdue for replacement if they haven’t rusted away already.

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