• Love the 57ish poverty hub caps. Good looking unmolested car be nice to know how well the motor runs as far as tremec 5 speed might be over kill unless you put a hipo motor in it had one one in my 87 Mustang notchback ex State-Bull car and it was noisy but stronger then the stocker.Do prefer the 69 Fastback but this one is nice enough.

  • I know I have seen that parking brake somewhere before….

    OK, now that I got that out of the way: my late father only owned one new car in his whole life, and it was a 1969 Torino. I can tell you that the Torino was kind of a big deal at the time. It had a lot of the luxury touches from other models, like the Marquis Brougham. The one I remember best was what was colloquially referred to as "panty cloth" upholstery. Oh what teen fantasies that stuff fueled!

    Oddly the car on offer here looks like a "stripper" with vinyl seats and a 3-speed manual. I thought the Torino was only available with a more up-market spec. Just goes to show ya how reliable memories are…

  • Hmmm. Earlier owner mover shifter to the floor….steering column "loose" ? WTH? Either it cant be fixed or seller just wants the car GONE. I'd get it fixed then sell it. But what do I know!

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