• As a youngster hitchhiking to another town back in the day, a guy driving one of these Hondas stopped to pick me up. Foreign cars of any type were still rare. I remember through the haze of time having to stoop down baby to get in the car…and I was just a stripling of a teenager! For the average American male of shall we say excessive avoirdupois, fuggedaboutit!

  • There was one of these built into a LeMons racer and it was epic. The build was beyond impressive, executed by true genius/artists of the highest order. I believe they called it the Angry Hampster… Vince et al probably know a lot about it since it competed out west…

    • The Angry Hamster is a Z600, which is the "coupe" version of the 600, with a different body, but close!

      Built by a super smart guy named Tim Taylor. We raced against him several times and then raced with him – he drove our AW11 "MR SakiBomb" in a few races.

      Tim is working with our buddies Alex Vendler and Dave Coleman (both featured on the defunct DT Radio Show!) to produce the Miatabusa. Take a Hayabusa engine, remove the gearbox, attach a bunch of adapters and mojanguses and bolt it all to a Miata transmission. They have it running again after many valiant efforts and subsequent failures it might be finally done.


    • The miatabusa project has no updates since 2015. The last update was quite an amazing read, but nothing since. A Hayabusa engine with a Miata gearbox sure sounds like fun though.

  • and then there is this………
    [image src=" s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/prod.mm.com/cache/4f/38/4f38e80ff18e6791b70be96fa929617f.jpg" width="400px"/]

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