• I had the same year but a 4 door with only the 350. I bought it in VA for $600. I moved to DC in 1998 with my Manx cat and all my possessions after running out of money for college and lived in it for a couple weeks while I looked for work. I sold it for $900 at a buy-here-pay-here lot when DC was still cool and wasn't overrun with millenials and glass-and-steel condos so that I could pay my first month's rent after finding a job and waiting 2 weeks for a paycheck.

  • The anti-hipster-mobile. No waxed mustachioes, or pencil leg jeans looking appropriate climbing out of this beast. This car is more suited to a James Hetfield/Chuck Liddell type. I love it, but I sadly am just not badass enough to do this rolling tribute to tough guys justice.

    • This is exactly why a hipster would drive it, the unexpected, pulling up to a friends PBR and Vinyl party and parking between the Prius, Fixie and Westy.
      They are crafty critters.

    • I know this is going to show me as a "get out of my yard" aged guy, but what is a "westy". The only urban definition I can find is (I'm not kidding) ejaculate in your hand, as in their example (again, not kidding) : "She's so hot I was going to throw my westy at her."

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