• Race car? Zoom Zoom. Iwon't comment on the car, because I'm trying to be nice today. Just click on the "Medford" and you will bring up a list of nearby locations.

  • Judging by the marks on the driveway the car does nice burn outs. An added bonus is that the hood is already cut out for your future supercharger or tunnel ram set up.

  • Yes! You guys can hate on this all you want but let's compare it to anything else the Big Three were selling at the time. IMHO they looked good new and have aged well. Medford may not be the greatest place on the planet but taken as part of the Rogue Valley it's a rather nice place to be.

  • I came here to say this
    [image src=" scharch.org/Cars/Monza_Racecars/Monza-DeKon_1003/Monza-DeKon1003_1976-05-02_Keyser_LSeca-04.jpg" width="400px"/]

  • The red car above has a good price, but for not too much more (and way fewer headaches), you'd be smart to drive 30 miles west and get this one instead:

    Holy Geez I want this badass Monza!

    • Wow thats a nice car for $6000. I always wanted one of those when I was younger. I recall that you had to lift the engine to change one of the spark plugs but platinum plugs would minimize that problem.

    • The monza was intended to be powered by the GM rotary engine, and the engine compartment was I little tight for the engines it eventually received.

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