• Back in my younger days as a pizza joint worker guy, there was a driver with a Suzuki Swift. This was before the internet so I didn't really know much about foreign cars. He took me for a delivery once, with the small size his felt quick and really went around a tight corner faster than I thought possible.

  • Note that there is no logo on the badge on the front of the cqr. That's because that's not a badge…it's a push-button to open the hood!

  • I drove a buddy's non-turbo Sprint back in 1990. It was going well, And although the thing was a dog compared to my MR2, I wasn't completely turned off. That all changed when the cheap plastic throttle pedal fell off the bar it was attached to. In traffic. At 50 mph. My opinion of the car plummeted at that point.

  • "It may be best of breed but it's still a dog."
    Me, during some "software solution" sales pitch.
    Actually these aren't that bad conceptually. Another $20 spent on materials and they would have been pretty good.

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