• Son of a…!? I've never seen a 740 of this generation this clean. Hell, even the trunk and spare wheel look new. Low miles for a 2001 for sure, but not in general. Hell… for the price though…

  • after all my hand-wringing and overthinking, i'm coming to the conclusion that one of these is just about perfect for me – got to be stick, non-negotiable – will do my best to find a V12 with the long wheelbase

  • Just FYI for anyone who may have been fooled by the M Parallel wheels, this 740i is not a Sport model. And it's not terrifically priced either. $6500 for a well-sorted, well-maintained Sport, maybe, but definitely not for a regular 740i with 125k on the clock (not even that low). Hell, there was a 6-speed swapped 740i Sport on Craigslist in CA for $6k for a while.

  • I've heard the Sport package really transforms these into a great drivers car. I'd love one if I wasn't so afraid of paying half the value of the car each year in maintenance.

  • Being 6' 5" and liking my space, I've always been fans of these as well, but a well maintained Sport model 7-series for $6k-ish? That sounds like a tall order… that's me rummaging around though.

    2001 BMW 740i w/ Sport Package, 73k – $9,750

    2001 BMW 740i, 119k – $6,000

    2001 BMW 740i, 73k – $13,500 Whaaaat!?

    This one looks like it could be a deal, but no VIN provided so who knows the history. 2001 BMW 740i w/ Sport Package, 116k – $4,900

    Long wheelbase and V12 model here! 2001 BMW 750iL w/ Sport Package, 91k – $10,500

    Sorry kaibeezy, have yet to come across a stick/V12 combo…

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