• It all looked fairly encouraging until I got to the under-hood shot. I would want to re-do all the possible deferred maintenance items (that is pronounced "Timing Belt"). But it does look remarkably solid from a rust standpoint, and that is the biggest battle for those of us in the Salt Kingdom.

    I think that steering wheel is a Personal brand. I have one very much like it hung on my garage wall, from my Cortina and Datsun 510 days in the 1970s. On a side note, I see that Personal is now a sub-brand of Nardi.

  • My Dad had one of these back in the day, with the stock 2.5. It was an interesting and fun car, but this example was plagued with electrical problems from the start. The whole harness would seem to go out from time to time, and once while I was driving it at night, at speed. Very interesting.

    They can be finicky to keep running, but at the right price, the driving experience, when running well, is as close to a vintage Ferrari as some of us are going to get.

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