• So that was the inspiration for the Moonbase Alpha video game. Huh. Learn something every day.

    As a side note, Argo still makes 6×6 amphibious machines. My late grandpa left us one on his farm. It's diesel powered, but the hull leaks. It's still a fun way to do 40mph up any terrain you can imagine.

    2 grand, assuming it doesn't need much, is probably a great price.

  • My only vague memory of one of these was doing donuts on a runway apron. In a snowstorm. In the dark. Drunk out of my mind. This was in late 2000.

    • joesgarage.us/AmphicatB2.jpg

      Manufacturer says top speed of 7 mph with a 4hp outboard. So yes I'd say a trolling motor could pull this. You might want a true outboard though.

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