• This, I did not expect:
    Original MSRP Low Retail Average Retail High Retail
    Base Price $3,275 $3,925 $6,000 $12,400
    Total Price $3,275 $3,925 $6,000 $12,400

  • Decent Manta A's are becoming as rare as hen's teeth. Finding one that is ready to drive with minor tweaks for $6-6500 would be a great deal for both buyer and seller.
    If I'm not mistaken, that's an Opel GT next to it, which means the owner's been around the block with Opels and may be a good resource for future parts needs. It has the gauge package from a Rallye, but has the steering wheel and shifter from a Luxus and seats that are re-done like a Luxus.
    After ditching the swim deck bumpers, there isn't much to do except clean up the tailpipe and maybe paint the hood flat black.
    These are fun to drive, but will be humiliated in a race with even the most pedestrian modern econo-box.

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