• So much awful in just one car… even the steering wheel looks like it want's to commit suicide. Though I have to admit I do kinda want a Saab 9-4x, partially due to the incredible rarity and partially due to liking the design and vastly better mechanicals (relative to the horrorshow pictured above)

  • If you want a Chevy Trailblazer, the Saab 9-7X is the best Trailblazer you can buy. And if you can find the Aero you get the 6-liter motor too.

    It wasn't what Saab needed at the time, it wasn't competitive at the XC90/X5 end of the market, but it's not a horrible vehicle for the right price. $2750 is beater money.

    • And at least it's got the V8 instead of the 'Atlas' DOHC six, which is a remarkably interesting motor in concept but a bust as a piece of saleable product (hey, guys, we really need an engine that in top-spec form will just match the HP of a bottom-spec LS-motor, costs twice as much to build, will never fit in anything smaller than a medium-size truck…sheer genius).

  • True but bidding is already close to $4k… plus in my humble opinion it's so hideous I'm not sure I'd even want it as a $2k beater. I think it's significantly uglier than even the regular Trailblazer. Then when you consider that this is the pinnacle of GM's utter bastardization and ultimate murder of Saab, it's extra extra hideous. Add in mrkwong's point about the motor and you have most of the reasons GM finally went bankrupt the year after this car was sold all perfectly exemplified by one single vehicle.

    • $4K is early X5 money at this point, or maybe '00-ish Land Cruiser, Merc ML, etc. So you're still getting a much newer vehicle for the same $, but then condition/mileage matters.

      Ugly? Nah. All those medium SUVs look the same, as far as I'm concerned.

      Frankly, I'd just buy a Tahoe/Suburban.

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