• I always find it odd when I see an ad for a used car that just lists all the features and characteristics from when the car was new. That has so little to do with purchasing a used car….

  • I'm surprised how many of these I still see on the road – not the blander models that came after, but this design. I wonder if they'll achieve classic status, and what niche they'd occupy in car culture at that point.

  • These were really well made light duty wagons – as I've learned from wrenching on my MIL's 1997. If you need a cheap utility vehicle $1200 seems like great value.

    Hopefully not necessary for any of you guys, but here's how I fixed a near-total-loss crunch to the front end: dailyturismo.com/2015/12/crushed-can-cr-v-wreck-repair-for-less.html

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