• All you need is the hubs off an '03-04 Cobra.

      The fronts are easy and cheap (think early MN12 Birds had to swap to later spindles to use the Mustang hub/bearing)

      The rears are sold as a kit-car part for using the 'Bird rear uprights on e.g. Factory Five Cobras, and are surprisingly expensive:


      I think that price has actually come DOWN a bit, I think I paid $180/each for a pair once. You can also redrill the MN12 rear hubs, ideally you also need to sleeve the hub snout out to the Mustang hub-pilot diameter (I've got a DXF drawing of a press-on sleeve for that if you need it…)

    • Thanks for the insight, Mrkwong. I was in college when I wanted to do the swap, and didn't have the where-with-all or funds to do the swap. I miss that car – Eibach Springs, Flowmaster exhaust, cold air induction; I fool heartedly traded it in 2001 for an Explorer Sport Trac that my now wife hated, and was sent on its way in short order.

  • I have to say that at this point in the evolution of the Fox Mustang market that car was probably a good deal if you can stand the Vehicle Code 23109(c) Red color.

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