• As for the jigsaw-wielding Muppet, the obvious choice is Animal. But I'm thinking Miss Piggy after a major disaster at the hairstylist.

  • I feel like the styling is to European and avant. My friends and neighbors wouldn't understand it. It is like when I bought the leather shoes that flipped up at the ends.
    For now I will keep driving my Taurus to not attract any attention to my European longings. I will roll up the windows so no one can hear my Yaz mix tape.

    • there's something's about a car with a tape deck – i have this huge bin full of my old 80s tapes that haven't been played in 20 years, and then i bought a 2001 car with no CD but with a tape deck – it's been all Buggles, Utopia, Eno and Klaatu in there

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