• I just emailed a buddy and basically said the exact same thing. Rattle can or roll-on paint job in white, buy the wide wheels in NJ, and find a couple members only jackets!

    • It would be fun to do a retro audio system as well. Rockford Fosgate, Cerwin Vega, Orion SCCA, or what ever, as long as it had a Alpine pull-out. It could be carried as a nice accessory with the brick phone and member only.

  • Someone went to the trouble of repainting it in a shade that actually matches the interior, but then neglected to paint the jambs?! This whole car screams of neglect, corners cut, and maintenance deferred.

    The angel says run away but the devil says what the other guys have already said… turn this into an 80s cartel car and dip the whole thing white. Tough call. I'm just glad this isn't close enough to the west coast to tempt me.

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