• Astounding, ain't it?

    A tin can of a car, not an RS2000 or a Mexico or any of the ones with even fake history, just a grocery getter, and these things (like AE86 Corollas and the like) go for multiples of their original price mostly just 'cause RWD.

    • A couple of years ago, Nissan teased a spiritual successor to the 510 in concept form to be a rival to toyoburu twins. Made a big splash in all the car rags, but was allowed to die stillborn. A shame, that.

  • Whaaaat?
    I had a friend with the twin of this car, back in high school New Zealand in the early nineties. His was a genuine 1300GT, also with Weber carb and extractors. Made a lot of noise going quite slowly. It was worth about $1500.

  • Actually, I have a slightly interesting story.

    In New Zealand in the 70s, Escorts were locally manufactured. I used to know a guy who worked on what I guess was cost-engineering. He told me that the difference between the 1100cc and the 1300cc Escort was an extra couple of seconds machining the bores, and larger pistons that cost about five cents more for for material content. But the 1300cc car sold for $300 more, back when $300 meant something.

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