• Interesting. You have three different settings for the pictures in that ad.

      Most are taken in what appears to be a modest SF residential neighborhood of 1400sf zero-lot-line houses, in most of the country those would be $200K but probably a million and a half there.

      A couple were apparently from wherever/whoever this seller bought the car from, back in PA in a neighborhood of probably $600K houses three times the size of the ones in the SF pictures.

      And finally you have the ones taken in the garage where the current seller works, next to his coworker's Italian sedan.

  • Here is a random repair for this car from an online site. Take a gander and extrapolate what something, anything more complex would be.

    Behind every fall off the cliff depreciation, there is a cause.

    Strut Assembly Replacement for Mercedes-Benz CL600 can cost anywhere from $3396 to $4174. The average price for this service is $3867.

  • Paging Mr. Tavarish, Mr. Tavarish line one please. Any idea what the little widget is next to the SOS button on the base of the rear view mirror? Maybe a dispenser for aerosol beta blockers to lower your heart rate and blood pressure when an expensive fix engine light comes on? $6500? that could be your monthly repair bill to keep this bad boy on the road. Unless you are a wrenching wizard like Mr. Tavarish and can chant "Piertotum Locomotor" while waving a torque wrench at the car…

    • All of my Mercedes-Benz electronic issues went away once I found the (long thought lost) Sorcerer's lug nuts.

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