• I like these 5 seater conversions use the console shift and bucket seats to help the driver more completely buy the illusion that he bought a muscle car. The only thing that is missing is a sound proof partition behind the front seats….or even some trick mirrors that allow the driver to look into the rear view mirror and see out the back without seeing the kids in the back seat.
    On a more serious note, should we be at all worried that the pictures are almost 8 years old?

  • Pictures could be that old or camera date has not updated to present day i know when i change the batt. out sometimes it is a pia.

  • I think the cinematographer for the original Batman tv series took these pics. All it's missing are a few cartoon "POW" and "WHAM"'s superimposed over the diagonal images.

  • Slushbox………….straightaway at the light….. but then what? Harass Ford Edge Moms in line at the pickip cones?

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