• Best write up EVAH! This sentence …..phew : "except they (Hummahs) are like a Volkswagen Beetle driven by Chiang Kai-shek on the Americaness scale compared to this next vehicle". Yikes! perhaps the Grammar Nazis can weigh in.

    On another subject there is an inverse proportional relationship between the size of ones…ahem…..center of intelligence…and the vehicle they drive. There's a bit of overcompensation going on here.

    • Woodie Man — I got creative with my metaphors and might have juxtaposed a dangling participle…but I think there is a pill for that.

    • Vince:The juxtaposition of a dangling participle is as you say "curable". Though driving a Buick (! hard to believe)appears to be one way to stiffen your resolve to straighten out said dangling participle.

  • Add a voice command interface, throw a Whirlwind Reaper drone in the back, maybe a Rat Thing or two, and you've got Ng's motorized wheelchair.

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