• I really wanted to hate this one, and to say that someone had wasted their conservation efforts on a turd…. then I saw V-6 and 4-speed! Who's up for a road trip to Deer Valley AZ?

  • There's no way this will depreciate, it's better than money in the bank. It's a thorough unicorn. I went to the Carlisle classic auto auction recently with the intentions of buying a MINT condition '72 Maverick coupe with 302. I brought $6k – confident that would be sufficient to bring a forgotten cream puff home. Bidding went over $10k … so this one at $5k is good money if it's as good as it looks in photos.

  • Not sure if this is the same car, but sure looks like it – found advertised by classic car dealer in Illinois, listed for $7995.

    Green Sunbird ad

    Shame about the white vinyl top because otherwise I quite like the styling on this. I've seen some Monzas around recently but not the Pontiac twin. Front end is very unobjectionable, almost handsome even, and a bit reminiscent of a mini Trans Am.

    [image src=" dy98q4zwk7hnp.cloudfront.net/1976-Pontiac-Sunbird-American%20Classics–Car-100921826-b736d283b946bc882b69a2ea15f69ff2.jpg" width="400px"/]

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