• As a past owner of four Alfas of assorted models I definitely carry the weakness gene for the brand. I've not tried a Berlina yet, so they remain a mystery to me, especially the white competition number circle fields on this one's front doors… does this indicate vintage racing capability or is it there for Uber advertising?

  • North Bend is the small town that doubles as Twin Peaks for several locations in the TV series. The RR Cafe, Big Ed's Gas Farm, and a few other exterior locations were in North Bend.

    That's a damn fine cup of Alfa! And HOT!

  • It’s true … real Alfisti’s drive sedans.

    Having owned several Alfa’s, the Berlina’s are the nicest driving of the 105/115 Alfa’s.

    Of all the cars i own, all of which are Italian exotics, the Berlina is my favorite. It’s a shame there are so few of these left.

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