• Looks like it's got a 4G64 under the hood – swap in a couple parts from the 4G63 out of a turbo DSM, and it's the guy in the other lane who getting a bite of hair sandwich.

  • Since you brought it up, fun fact about the Mason Dixon line is that it is not just the east-west line separating Maryland (Calverts' hood) from Pennsylvania (Penns' digs). The complete line consists of that line plus the east-west line forming the southern border of Delaware, the north-south line adjacent that delineates Maryland's eastern border with Delaware, which also happens to be a line tangent to a 12 mile radius around the town of New Castle in southern PA, and a North Line that finally connects that Tangent Line to the east-west line. Mason and Dixon were both brilliant scientists who were commissioned to figure out where Pennsylvania stopped and Maryland began after several surveys got it wrong. Their work was considered to be highly technologically advanced, almost moonshot-like, given the incredible accuracy they were able to achieve despite that era's merely passable ability to measure longitude.

    It's my assertion that Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon would have appreciated the AWD utility of the Colt but, being Royal Society types, would have gravitated towards something more Scandinavian for their transportation needs.

  • I agree with Matt, but would take it one step further. Swap in the turbo engine and pull the front axles, now you have a rear wheel drive turbo machine begging to go embarrass some kids at the local drift track!

  • I had a 92 new and drove it for 5 years. It was a good car and great on snow, but it had a soft rear suspension and years of driving bumpy roads took a toll on it. I never had any real issues l

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