• …and in the picture above what appears to be a can of whipped cream for the owner to huff the propellant to get up the nerve to ask the cashier at Walmart if she wants to see his woody…

  • One has to consider the original inspiration, to really appreciate the aspirations of this little K-Car. Now, to feel really old the K-Car above about splits the timeline between the 1947 Windsor convertible and today, as the Windsor shown was 36 years old at the time the K-car is now 33 years old. (and of course my grandparents saw the birth of the automobile, the Wright brothers first flight then drove the biggest of Buicks every year and watched a man walk on the moon on their color TV inside their air conditioned home)
    [image src=" momentcar.com/images/1947-town-country-1.jpg" width="400px"/]

    • Yes, Huns; this.

      The apparent, perceived significance of time delta is a recurring thought for me and one that I marvel my way through on a regular basis. For some reason this hits me with music, especially, in addition to cars. Julian Lennon's Valotte and Julian Cope's Charlotte Anne were released four measly years apart but may have well been different epochs for me. And then four years later again, BBD release "Poison"….a different world entirely, experientially speakng. Cars, the same thing. When I first saw a 1800 it was a 12 year old car in the EIGHTIES! Now, a 12 year old car is a corolla which I couldn't tell you it's build date if you held a gun to my head.

      …not sure what my original point was other than…I'm getting old…uphill both ways…you kids today don't know…get off my lawn.

    • ..doesn't matter the original point; you're understood. When the question "Why am I here" becomes a recurring thought as opposed to a philosophical musing, you are forced to accept the aging process.

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