• I'd go with the Isuzu; getting the engine in there the first time is the hardest.

    I suspect the Mountaineer front clip is a bolt on since both the Mountaineer and the B2300 share a chassis, but I'm not sure why anyone bothered to confirm that. Not quite my cup of tea; a six wheeled truck can be interesting, but I'd want to leave the bed free of compressors and other items so as to actually use all of the extra bed length (and, theoretically, extra weight capacity).

  • I agree with Matt, a $500 Craigslist SBC and a weekend or two and you're in business with the Isuzu. The dual axle Mazda is interesting though…

  • I have a soft spot for Isuzus, so the Isuzu for sure.

    I thought the Hombre wasn't offered until the later 90's. Isn't this one a Pu'p?

  • There were guys in my HS with B2000 that had tilt beds filled with subwoofers. So great. Always have thought that "mini trucks" were pretty neat.

    Speaking of Isuzus how great are these?

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