• Sold in Sequim with MN tags that proclaim the owner to have a fondness for running up mountains. Which would kinda work, since I can see Sterling ownership as sort of crunchy in a granola-y way. But the aftermarket radio and basket handle wing kill that vibe, IMO. Unless the wing is meant to be ironic which, in that case, works on its own level. Maybe.

  • Here on Rover Island, decent copies of the last few 800s are highly sought after, the hatchback version especially. And when your default options included dubious Vauxhalls, Citroens (guilty), Fiats, Jaguars and other rattletraps, the electricals were just par but the Honda bits were a serious upgrade. Sharp looking, spacious, decent power, local mechanics who remember how to fix them. The 800 hatch made my shortlist last summer, but I simply could not find a low-mile rust-free-ish one to go look at, they were snapped up so quickly.
    [image src=" fromthecaptainschair.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Vitesse-XX.jpg" width="400px"/]

    • It was reissued on 45 for Record Store Day last year. I picked up a copy, sounds really good on my Technics turntable I purchased at Jafco in 1981 compared to compressed mp3's…

    • I still have my Technics SL-Q200 turntable and sliver face Pioneer SX-3500 Receiver I bought at the Westlake store. The dual cassette deck crapped out and is long gone. The speakers are in the garage with the POS 1990's all black receiver.

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